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                                      Keitech Swimbaits 

Ice is now off several lakes in Region 7 and the fish are starting to chew. As these north country bass make their way out of deep water up on to the shoals and flats to feed a great search bait is a Keitech swimbait. I rig mine on a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. Hayabusa ball head jig tied to 8 lb. Cortland Master Braid  with a 8 lb. Cortland Fluorocarbon leader and TFO's Professional Series (TFG PSC 703-1) ML power rod paired with a 6.3:1 reel. Check out my blog to see some of the catches these baits produce. 

Who am I?

I grew up in central Illinois and joined the US Army's delayed entry program in 1977, reporting for active duty in June 1978.  I remained on active duty obtaining the rank of Sergeant Major until I retired from the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) at Fort Drum NY in 2004.

I've lived in upstate New York since March 1986 and fished the
numerous rivers, streams, ponds and lakes located in the central and northern New York area.

I enjoy tournament bass fishing, but what I enjoy most is light line fishing for all species and the pursuit of line class records.

Since 1992 I've earned three fly fishing line class world records with the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and after I retired from active duty I've set two International Game Fish Association (IGFA) New York State line class records


Why shouldn't you catch too ?

I created this site to share my fishing adventures with anyone who's interested in learning what works for me on a given day on a given body of water.

It's my hope that as you frequent this site perhaps you'll take away a few techniques or presentations that will apply to your favorite body of water or maybe use what you read here as a good starting point when you visit a new body of water or some of the waters listed here.


  1. Ice Out Bass on Keitech Swimbaits
    29 Mar, 2019
    Ice Out Bass on Keitech Swimbaits
    Region 7 waters  were on the menu as I searched for ice out bass fishing opportunities. My bass tournament Teammate Mike Cusano introduced me to this Central NY lake back in 2004 and we’ve been enjoying it ever since. Today we fished in mostly overcast conditions and  slightly stained 39 degree water.  There were a few remnants of weeds from last season still visible in the 3-7 ft. zone and a few groups of offshore baitfish were present.  We started offshore casting to the baitfish pods  with
  2. Catching Ice Out Trout with Mepps Spinners
    20 Mar, 2019
    Catching Ice Out Trout with Mepps Spinners
    My last boat trip was on January 5th, so to say this trip was long overdue is an understatement.  The  good news is a few trout were around and willing to hit the Mepps Aglia Size 2. To present these lures I fished the TFO  Professional Series  7’, 3 power ML rod loaded  with 4 lb. test.  During this cold water period (38.9) the key factor in generating consistent strikes seems to be a slow steady  retrieve.  I’m using a Abu Garcia Silver Max 20,  a 5.1:1  gear ratio reel, which provides the
  3. Light Line for Pickerel & Pike...  Are You Ready
    01 Dec, 2018
    Light Line for Pickerel & Pike... Are You Ready
    The interesting thing about fishing in the North East this late into the season is that most of the boats have been winterized and stored away with just a handful of duck hunters out and about on any given day.   The good news is the fish are still chewing well as they prepare for the hard water season that’s....  To read more click here December 1, 2018 Fishing Report Lake Ontario (Henderson Harbor).pdf
  4. Deep Crankin Summer LMB on Cayuga Lake
    04 Aug, 2018
    Deep Crankin Summer LMB on Cayuga Lake
    Before we get into the report let me first explain a bracket tournament format just in case you’ve never heard the term.   This bracket tournament format has participants (boat teams) broken down into groups of four boats and you fish from 6AM until noon with the goal of weighing in the heaviest five fish limit of any boat in your bracket. If you do that then you advance to the afternoon round where all weights are zeroed and you start over fishing from 1-4 PM for your shot at a $2,000 payday.
  5. 42 Annual Henderson Harbor Big Bass Derby
    17 Jun, 2018
    42 Annual Henderson Harbor Big Bass Derby
    This  trip was a fun bass opener in Region 6 waters on Lake Ontario. In preparation for the derby I scouted the entire Eastern Basin  along the South shoreline from the light house North of Ray’s Bay all the way around to the NE at Tibbets Pt Light house finding quality bedding bass  and fish in all three phases of the spawn.  I kept my area search to water that was 15 ft or less and I found main lake area surface water temps running 58-61 and in the back of some bays  I marked 67-68 degrees.
  6. Oneida Lake Pre-Spawn Fishing
    30 Apr, 2018
    Oneida Lake Pre-Spawn Fishing
    Today was a fun trip primarily fishing two baits, the Keitech 3.3 & 3.8  Swing Impact Fat and a Strike King Rage Tail Menace using the Temple Fork Outfitters TPM Pacemaker CB 7105-1  MH  rod, a 6.3:1 reel loaded with 10 lb. mono with a 16-18” section of 20 lb. fluorocarbon to protect against pickerel bite offs.   When I launched at 6AM water temps were 47 degrees and by the time I stopped fishing at  5 PM the water had warmed to 50 degrees to read more click here April 30, 2018 Fishing Report
  7. Lucky Craft Lighting Pointer, It'll Get You Bit Right Now
    24 Mar, 2018
    Lucky Craft Lighting Pointer, It'll Get You Bit Right Now
    This Friday and Saturday marked my first bass fishing  adventure of the 2018 season and I’m happy to report it exceeded my expectations Water was still very cold as Friday we launched in 36 degrees and by the end of the trip..... to read more click here  March 23 & 24, 2018 Fishing Report .pdf
  8. NY Lake Ontario Tributary Steelhead
    16 Mar, 2018
    NY Lake Ontario Tributary Steelhead
    Today marked my fourth trip in two weeks to this particular tributary and it didn’t  disappoint me. Earlier in the week we had another snowfall that provided 4-6 inches. Yesterday it  melted off a tad  and that dropped the water temp from 37 down to 33 when we launched at 8 AM. To read more click here March 16, 2018 Fishing Report (NY-Lake Ontario Tributary Steelhead).pdf
  9. Bottom Bouncing Nymphs  For Steelhead
    14 Feb, 2018
    Bottom Bouncing Nymphs For Steelhead
    Today’s adventure kicked off my 2018 Fishing Season with rod & reel and marked my first trip to the Salmon River this year.   New York’s Salmon River is rated as one of the best if not the top destination for winter steelhead fishing on the entire east coast and it certainly lived up to its reputation on this trip. To read more click here February 14, 2018 Fishing Report (Salmon River).pdf
  10. TFO 7' 6" ML Rod and Light Line (4lb test) for Cold Water Pickerel
    04 Dec, 2017
    TFO 7' 6" ML Rod and Light Line (4lb test) for Cold Water Pickerel
    Another fun trip chasing Pickerel & Pike on light line (4 lb. test)  The attached clip does a great job of showing how much fun you can have when you use the right rod (TFO ML 7'6") and line (4 lb. with a 12 lb. shock tippet) and balance your tackle to match  the species you're after.  Remember until ice up there's usually ample opportunity to continue catching fish if you're willing to go after it.
  11. Keitech Baits on Oneida Lake and the Cold Water Bite (Smallies & Walleye)
    01 Dec, 2017
    Keitech Baits on Oneida Lake and the Cold Water Bite (Smallies & Walleye)
    I met  Mike Cusano at Dunkin Donuts in Brewerton around 8 AM , he tossed his rods in my Nitro, we grabbed a quick coffee and were launching at Oneida Shores around 8:25.  The first thing we noticed was the water level had dropped about 16-18 inches from last week  which made getting the boat off the trailer a bit touchy. So if you’re headed to Oneida Shores in the immediate future just use a little caution and common sense in and around the ramp area and you should be OK. To read more click
  12. Lake Ontario Walleye & Muskie Are Biting Right Now
    11 Sep, 2017
    Lake Ontario Walleye & Muskie Are Biting Right Now
    These past three weeks I’ve been fishing pretty close to home looking for the late summer  walleye bite and I’ve found it.  As it’s been over the past four years these walleye will readily hit the Umbrella Rig loaded with Keitech Swimbaits (Swing Impact Fats)  in sizes 3.3 & 3.8  on ¼ oz. heads. When the fish stop hitting the swimbaits I show them three Lucky Craft hard baits To read more click here  Aug 22 thru Sep 11, 2017 Fishing Report (Lake Ontario).pdf ​